Sometimes IĀ  get tired of this whole blog business, its the same stuff everywhere and millions of them (and net is so slow). The rightists, leftists, cookists, fundamentalists (with balls and without), office jokists, individualists, boredists, trippists, vampists, hookerists, johnists, spamists, splogists, dopists, poeists, optimists, collabloggists, feminists. Whooo …. And its all the same old amateur wine. Banal.

Then something comes along and I’m ear to ear šŸ™‚

Ammani writes (link via BB)

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t object to motherhood per se. I certainly don’t have a problem with all-sacrificing, 100% unadulterated love-incarnate, earth mother type motherhood either. My struggle is that that is the only kind of mothers I ever read about. The ones who spend their waking hours worrying about little Johnny’s milk intolerance and blogging about how much poo little Sweety has deposited. I mean, where are all the real mothers? The ones who plonk their little ones in front of the telly so they may check out ex-boyfriends on orkut? The kind that sedate their non-coughing infant with Benadryl so that they can watch Sivaji in peace?

I’m not a regular reader of Ammani, but this piece was…hell…forget it šŸ™‚ …the cult is here btw

I’m laughing too much.

Thank God its Friday!

P.S: Do you read, Reader’s words. I would say, you should.