River’s once wrote she and her friend had a crush on Vikram Seth. So I caught the first bus to find out why and put it to use. But now I’m left wondering if I have a crush on him.

“I dont want to see you again, Michael”,says Virginie, her voice veering between tears and anger. “I never wanted to see you again. Not as a teacher or anything. I’m young, and i’m going to have a good time. You’ll see and you’ll regret it. You’ll regret everything. I hope she makes you miserable. So that you cant’t sleep or eat or anything. You always took me lightly because I loved you”

Vikram Seth, An Equal Music

Tinkerbells…so thats your tag !

P.S : For dear readers from Kusumagiri P.O. – Vikram Seth is the author’s name. Yeah I know I’m coming back.