RAM I 1992: Post Babri Masjid demolition, 1150 dead in the first three days. Bombay riots and Bombay blasts to follow in weeks. 2000 dead, in the name of Ram. Bhartiya Janata Party sweeps to power across the Hindi heartland and Maharashtra by mid-90s. Becomes single largest party at centre, forms government.

RAM II 2002: Post Godhra, 2000 dead in Gujarat, mostly Muslims, in the name of Ram. Bhartiya Janata Party defeats anti-incumbency, sweeps Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Modi set to repeat the windfall in 2008.

RAM III 2007: Post Sethusamudram, 2 (racist and xenophobic?) tamils who don’t represent all of south India were burnt alive yesterday night in the “Cosmopolitan”,all encompassing, city of Bengaluru, in the name of Ram.

A Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation bus carrying 26 passengers was attacked in Bangalore and two people were charred to death. Sources say unknown assailants (numbering close to 50) stopped the bus on the National Highway 7 near Madiwala (Bommanahalli), doused it with petrol and set it on fire.

Bhartiya Janata Party’s gateway to South India, Karnataka, must be the next “crucible” of svayam sevaks. It should be, because add a bit of Hindu whiskey to the dormant anti-Tamil kaveri sentiment and what comes out will be the first Saffron state of the south. Whip up the foam, bring down the JD-S ministry, add Dattatreya, burn Mangalore, invoke Ram and lo..a clean shave. The count has begun in South India, it’s Karnataka.

The South would rather that they take their Ram and leave us alone. (take Karuna too)