In our part of the world there is this story of an old lady. She used to take us across the green lakes in her small boat. When the dark clouds set in and we panicked mid-way, she showed us the light and a little blue sky. She showed us the way and gave us poetry to sing on the way. Then one fateful monsoon night when the darkness kept creeping in from the west and the waters were rough, she went alone, alone into the lake, in her small boat. No one has seen her since then.


Courtesy : Malayala Manorama 

Professor M N Vijayan died yesterday, and a lot of us wonder what to do with the cloudy sky. We will miss the old man who reminded us “that drinking cola is drinking cola’s politics; that a watchman does not become irrelevant even if robberies don’t happen; that we respect the dead because they stop competing with us”. The writer, thinker, teacher will continue to live on through his language and the slogans he raised on our soil against imperialism and invasion. M N Vijayan will live through us.