B L O G B H A R T IĀ  is 1 Y E A R old šŸ™‚

Linking back to Blogbharti,

Much as we like the creme-de-la-creme of the blogroom, we also know that there is much more fun going on in the backbenches.

Discovering a good new blog is like discovering that book-shop in a corner of the city you never thought existed.

There are many such book-shops, coffee houses and chai waalahs, mithai ki dukaans and dhaabas that are yet to be discovered. There are many new places to enjoy the sunset, the sunrise and a view of the sea. We look forward to that journey. And we look forward to you joining us, as you have in the last one year, with your continued readership, comments and hat-tips at Blogbharti.