B S Yeddyurappa on Monday alleged that his life was under threat as Deve Gowda and his sons were “performing” black magic to eliminate him. Speaking to reporters, an emotional Yeddyurappa accused the JD(S) supremo of performing black magic for the past week or so and that he could sense that his life was under threat – Deccan Herald, Today

What level of Education is required to understand your Blog?

Bhupinder took the reading level test, which said you (the reader) needs to be a GENIUS to understand his blog. I ignored his trumpets (which I agree he has reasons to blow) and rushed to take the test for good old Talkies. You know what I got?

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I am pissed! Big time. No I don’t have time to wonder about the collective IQ of the entire BJP leadership. Yeddy is right, there is a clear left of centerย black magic against him and the BJP. And me too. I’m blaming everyone including Devagowda, his four sons and two daughters (no other work huh!). My next post is on existential doubts of a Vampyroteuthis infernalis four minutes after the creation of the Universe. Let me see how many Little Johnnys from Junior high understands that. To sum it up, Talkies editorial opinion strongly condemns this snub.

P.S: But all is not lost for my other two blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

Thonnyakasharam needs a Degree(that too post Grad) to make sense of it!

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and Diaries needs a genius to understand it! (of course)

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