Shoma Chaudury’s take on Aamir Khan and “Taare Zameen Par” on Tehelka. An excellent article which stands out for its sensitivity for the psyche of a film maker. It is less about “Taare Zameen Par” and more about 360 degree Aamir Khan, the film maker and the person. Its one of the best magazine stories I’ve read in some time, it goes really deep and I guess has something for all of us.

The little comet can’t preserve its light. It is overwhelmed. Extinguished. The little boy droops before our eyes.

And then, a flute note.

On December 21, a film will slip like a redemptive dewdrop into the noisy razzle-dazzle of multiplexes across the world. Superstar Aamir Khan’s directorial debut, Taare Zameen Par (TZP). It cannot get further from what one would expect. It has none of the staples of Bollywood: no fancy camerawork, no glitzy song, no triple star cast. None of the vanities of a first film from a man who could have all of it at a whim.

The article continues,

In hindsight it looks easy: success is a powerful negotiator: it commands sanction. Once Lagaan became an international hit, few needed to remember that Aamir floated his own production comp any to make the film because no other producer would back its harebrained magic. As Satyajit Bhatkal, long time friend and fellow sufferer from Lagaan says,”Mad hai, kuch bhi kar sakta hai!”

Aamir represents something harder, more complex. He whispers to people about their better selves. His stardom lies in his craft, his deep, almost uncanny, acumen to reach for the heart of things. The mystique of Aamir is that he is an idealist in an industry that does not require him to be one. That’s his magic move. And it pays rich dividends.

Reaching out to the heart of things, the proprietor was told months back that this was the movie to watch out for. I have to go with that, wherever it takes.

Verdict: 3 stars of 5. Must watch!

And to go with that Sakhav posts a nice fish story, a secret pain every malayali shares and some floyd to go with,

We are just two lost souls, swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.
Running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.