The gypsy that I am, while rambling around comes across this snippet, its about the people of Phillipines who “are heard talking about their beautiful country where beaches are spectacular and people are heartwarming”, here it is..

No group of people, perhaps, could assimilate with other cultures better than the Filipinos do. No other group, perhaps, has spread across the globe as massively as the Filipinos have. There are Filipinos in every country, and chances are, there are Filipinos traveling in every known sea. … Today, almost all merchant ships crossing the oceans are manned by Filipinos. Anywhere on Earth, Filipinos have made their presence felt. They are active workers, helping rebuild cities and modernize economies. They are in the Middle East and Africa, working as engineers and construction workers; in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan as technicians, factory workers and entertainers; in Europe as hotel and restaurant employees; in Hong Kong and Singapore as managers, office personnel and household maids; in Australia and South America as professionals; and in the U.S. and Canada as doctors, lawyers and computer programmers. There are about seven million Filipinos (although an exact number cannot be determined) living, working and studying in other countries. In the U.S. and Canada alone, there are around three million residents of Filipino origin. And the number is still growing.

Couldn’t help but smile after reading this. There is all reason to believe that there must be this joke doing rounds in the inboxes of fillipinos, that when Neil Armstrong landed on moon, there was a fillipino called Nair selling tea in his corner tea shop.

Even as races we need to feel special right, hold on to some myth which no one else believes or cares about but us. Vanity is it? 🙂

btw, never met a fillipino, talked to a few in Manila, they are nice people.