He was 45, she was 36., in 1989

Referring to her blood-stained family history, Bhutto wrote in the introduction to her memoir “Daughter of the East” that “I didn’t choose this life, it chose me.” 

“I know I am a symbol of what the so-called ‘Jihadists,’ Taliban and al-Qaida, most fear,” Bhutto once wrote in her autobiography “Daughter of the East.” “I am a female political leader fighting to bring modernity, communication, education and technology to Pakistan.” – Benazir Bhutto, tumultous 30 years (’77-07) on Rediff

From the time that I was a child, and I was born in a political home, I always searched for peace and tranquillity, and somehow peace and tranquillity always eluded me. I don’t know why it has always eluded me, but it has. All the time my family was moving, moving, moving and I wanted a sense of rooting. I want to be in one place, I want to be able to have a routine. I don’t have a routine. I’m always traveling in suitcases, trying to travel light. I just have a sense that nothing in my life is permanent. – Benazir Bhutto, Time magazine

M K Narayanan may be a little too sad to day, if only we know.