Every morning Keshav gives me something to smile about, but this morning when Ratan’s five year war and marketing blitz reaches its conclusion, Surendran(thats how I read it) took a nice page out of Laxman.


courtesy: The Hindu

And people who follow the stupid channel make cartoons out of themselves. Rajdeep’s channel, yeah the same one which made this beautiful statement hours after Mumbai blasts “These pictures are now being beamed on all CNN networks all over the world. Indians all over the world watching CNN are now watching CNN-IBN. This is the power of CNN-IBN”, scoooped today morning that Tata’s car was called Jeh.(now they have changed it). Of everyone, Ratan Tata naming his new car Jeh (you know what it means) sounded quite impropable. And my colleague says “I know, I know, its called Jeh“. So he reads CNN-IBN doesn’t he. Today we have a unique oppurtunity to figure out who reads IBN, make the most of it. Because if news is religion, IBN is our anti-christ 🙂

P.S: On the election front, its just 2 down with 48 to go and Edwards always has a chance. Btw if Hillary just scrapes through, think Obama will be her running mate. And if its her, Keshav’s tribe will have a field day (like good old Narasimha Rao days)


P.P.S: Btw, Tata’s small car Nano will have a three-cylinder 624-cc petrol engine with 33 bhp of power. It is externally app 8% smaller bumper to pumber than a Maruti 800, internally 21% larger. The car will come with air conditioning, but will have no power steering. The car will have front disk and rear drum brakes. The company claims mileage of 20 kmpl in city and 26 kmpl on highway. 

P.P.P.S: Go Watch it! (more later)