Like you, I have never heard of Russi (Russy) Karanjia, nor seen Blitz (the now defunct tabloid). Seems Russi, the patriarch of Blitz passed away this week, and his deputy at Blitz for a long time P.Sainath has an obituary in today’s Hindu. A piece of writing with a lot of life in it, a very nice read.

Like when I stopped the practice of the pin-up girl on the Last Page. A handwritten note from Karanjia to me ran: “Dear Sainath, now that we are emulating the Vatican Gazette, do you have any further ideas to perk up the paper?”

Karanjia’s unfailing look at the funny side of everything rubbed off on the rest of us. Blitz never lost its sense of fun even when threatened or attacked physically. This was an office where crank callers were welcome entertainment and those hurling death threats were baffled by the response they got. As my late colleague Habib Joosab told one caller: “No, you cannot kill us Mondays or Tuesdays. Those are our press days, don’t you know we’re busy?”