Been busy guys, but can’t let October slip by without a post. So post.

Too many things happening, pruning new skills in office, there is a lot to write about, right now I’ll only say “I can see dead aliens” all around in office – double whammy huh! (I even have a cyborg in my next cubicle). Will write in detail later. After so much running around, was awarded “Extragalactic Man of Mystery Award” last night. Kudos! special thanks to all alien monsters who keep watch at night!

Yet another skill developed exclusively for office is putting espresso stories in mspaint. Take a look at this one. Its post modern grunge with a lil bit of bohemian, greenwichian and cubism scattered around.

Because this is a new form of art, I’ll explain the rules –
1. Must be in office (don’t have a job? Well get one then)
2. You select an espresso story and finish the drawing in 15 mins
3. Give respect to me

Btw, does all of your office machines lock down when you try to install Photoshop? sucks man!

Oh yeah, this drawing, its my third masterpiece, its called “When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there”

Gotta go! busy…and hey happy Halloween…wtf….gotta go..