Going three months without a post was not intentional, didn’t get a chance to breathe leave alone pen my heart and soul to reach you. Hehe, thats George Jones for you, I’m glad you liked it. I have been doing a lot of searching outside google, short term and long term goals, personal and professional goals, leadership experiences, avantammede ethics and yeah some pieces of my mind. Found some pits with long tunnels, at the bottom of which had midnight coffee with my self confidence. There were no earthquakes, but tectonic shifts. I realize I have tied one large snake to a mountain, and now it is churning, its the churning man. As the story goes the potion of life will come out at the end, but this intermittent poison is killing. I know it is the churning, the lost souls will be more beautiful in the end, wish I last till the end.

So where do we start this year, yeah! Amrita‘s tag. Amrita thanks for tagging me, I owe you one (tag)

Another Greek Tragedy? Naah! Perhaps the best year of em all, I’ve lived offline, met some very beautiful people, some very beautiful people with some very broken hearts. Archer, let me tell you the secret of all secrets, I know you are sad because uncertainty is killing you, even this will pass, once your path is set you’ll be sad about belonging, or not belonging, the truth is this world is full of cloudy turbulence, but there are those tiny moments when it shows you a little sky and a little more light, that nectar within the posion, that sunbeam in the pond, that little sunshine on the rugged moon. Cling on to it, thats all that will remain, when the world remains and you pass.

It my blog man, my diary, I can write whatever I want.

courtesy: Dirty old man
“We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus!
That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t.
We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing”

Amrita’s tag: Ten things I’d like to do before I cross 35 & Ten things I miss about my life right now.

Ten things I’d like to do before I’m 25, when I was 15 would sound so other-worldish now, what did I want then? my God! fifteen was the age when I got confused. I wanted to join politics, or so I remember, be Prime Minister or something like that – important people who get fast cars and black cats. But then I didn’t want to move to Delhi, bad food I guess, no didn’t want to stay a night away from the land of the monsoon – I was so home, rooted. Maybe that defines the last decade for me – I was in transition. So,

1. I want to be home. Sonic my ex-roomie used to tell clients “I’ll take the call from my room”, we used to correct this holy leftover from hostel days saying “Soni its home”. But then he was right, I’ve been living in rooms for a long time now. When I’m 35 I need to be home, and smell the incense sticks in the morning from under a warm quilt. Coffee in the kettle, dog destroying the newspaper.

2. She asked “But what about us?”, He said ” We’ll always have Paris.”. It is an enchantment with two cities, have coffee in Paris at night and listen to the other, try kissing someone. Walk through Prague, smell the air and listen if someone is shouting “Dubcek! Dubcek!”, hold tightly on to my copy of Kundera, with Vijayan’s Eternity of Grace in my metrosexual bag. Hope life is not so unbearably light then.

3. Tom Cruise’s body stretching under the rock in MI, what a relief man. Do something like that every week. Yesterday I did my 100m in the pool after a long time, finally they had to drain the pool to find my body. Want to do that every week, long walks, quick sprints, stretch, oxygen. When I’m 35, it should be a habit.

4. Nights by the beach, without alcohol (or say 3 pegs max). Camping, stars, waves and me. Are you with me.

5. Vote.

6. If Wajahatullah Wasti finds one plus one is two, I’ll count upto infinity with that. I did twice. Something original man, something original. Some relief from this pseudo-intellectual hell.

7. Amrita said “Find a job that will let me travel around Africa”, mine would be “Find a job that will not have me travel around Africa”. At least get some certainty around a few things like this. C’mon man, of everything Africa. Don’t they eat people around there. You know what I’m talking about, “those close minded” people who have no confusions, so clear. A little bit of that, say no to some things twice.

8. First time I was to visit Silent Valley, someone said 7th standard is a very important year to waste time on travelling. Missed so many things in life because of this. Now I realize that 7th standard is important, so I plan to show the middle finger and just GO. You are in right? Before 35, some silent valleys. I’ll post the pics.

9. See some people happy, accomplished, without sadness. See them home. Never felt so before, actually I grew up last year, hope it reigns.

10. Give that Epic effort. Let it go to hell, but write that world classic, shoot that cult-movie, paint that master piece, run that marathon. Just for the heck of it man. Try. Give. Get Lost in it.

Ten things I miss about my life right now,

1. Bandwidth. I’m cluttered, messy, sleepy and always cribbing about spectrum licensing. Got to use my bandwidth better.

2. I miss Bangalore, Miami and Weston. Every light of these cities, I don’t want to be there right now, its just that I miss Bangalore even when I’m there. We had a good time in Weston, on Miami, the best of times perhaps.

3. Hey life is good man, don’t think I’ll make it past five.

4. When my mobile breaks down at night crying”I can’t take this any more” and there is silence at the other end. I miss teleportation.

5. Where are you, btw, upto you

6. This tag should be five things I miss about my life right now. Wish Amrita had the sense to change it. I play by rules.

7. Depth man, depth. I’m so superficial, fuckin shallow. And some people are so deep, they burn. I smoke.

8. Where is my RBSR? Fresher moron is talking about AJAX, I’m five years into this shit and haven’t even heard of it. I need to shoot it at him and duck, where is it? I so miss you my Rubber Band Super Rocket.

9. I thought I was a poet till a few years back, now I don’t think so. I miss being the world’s greatest romantic.

10. Blogging man. I miss blogging. Then blogging shows you the possibilities like poetry does, I went through one of those doors.

Will be right back. Please please don’t go away.

And let me tag equally confused Rover and the intrepid Divs