After Annan Thambi’s laugh riot, well past midnight, Mr Prasad and me had the whole of Cocoa Tree dropping their laptops (are laptops mandatory in coffee shops?) and overhearing us. Oh yeah we gave a one hour speech (they are open until 1 am, after that you have the three thattukadas near Kaloor stand) on the top five list of Mohanlal-Mammooty movies. (this intrepid list did make me jealous) (too many brackets in a paragraph, may be I should go to the next paragraph)

Then when the marathon debate reached hollywood in the wee hours of the morning, Mr Prasad said he hasn’t forgiven me for my previous post. I went on the defensive saying dying brain cells was our generations biggest issue now. He said though he’s ok with the abstract he’s never forgiven poetry for wasting so many pine trees (by not writing lines together and keeping so much gap in print and meaning). I said I can’t remember so many things and got a curt reply that “Its because you smoke”

Then through Ben Affleck, John Wayne, Harrison Ford and Mr Heston (RIP) we reached Scorcese – the master. And after Cape Fear and the lord getting tempted we ended up..

“C’mon whats the name…oh shoot…the master piece…the name…Joe Pesci movie man”

“yeah even I’m thinking…ultimate mob movie..wise guys”

“hey deniro…always wanted to be gangster…that dialogue”

The Good Fellows spend one wakeful hour searching for a movie we’ve watched a hundred times. (hyperbole). And then the poem opened its doors and made sense.

We didn’t remember director of Troy, Alexander and a handful of other things. Are your brain cells dying? Are livid experiences of the past, the precious ones, becoming “outline stories” which you recollect from the remaining crumbs of memory. Sad thing is our lives can’t be looked up in Wiki or imdb.


Found this on the web (courtesy), it brought back memories, some brain cells never die. Bad the guy stopped blogging, but still there is some nice stuff to check out. 

I would call the above picture – poetry. Would you?


Poetry is about possibilities, it may not have a single meaning, as many it has the better. Like the pssobility of spending a lousy day of corporate training. Like an email forward like the above can mean different things to different people. Thanks for sending. See its like I know what you know if you know what I mean.

And today I’m really looking forward to the weekend. What a week it was.

Thank God its Friday 🙂 !