What kind of MBA are you? An ST MBA, SC MBA, OBC MBA or just another handicapped MBA?


Rajagiri college in Kochi in their relentless pursuit towards excellence in social sciences has announced the list of MBA admits for 2008-2010. Its said that in HBS, you have to define your place in the first few weeks, there is a lot of introspection. Rajagiri does that for their students even before classes begin. Yes, Johnny Tony in the second bench is an RCSC MBA and you are a Merit MBA.

And in their Relentless pursuit towards excellence they have been accredited with a Five Star Rating by UGC-NAAC and Reaccredited A+

This indeed is A+ category.

Am I dumb, is this how admissions work? Wouldn’t one combined Final list do for the Class of 2010. Can we be a little more sensible? These admits will be spending their next two years together, and the college is not really doing them a favour. My colleague says this is outright discrimination. Don’t know, skipped lunch again, wtf!

Thank God Its Friday!