Education Reform in Kerala – VIIth Heaven Standard….

Yet another pastoral letter across churches yesterday, KSU(Congress’s student wing) activists and police clash across the state, Muslim League enters the protests arena in its North Kerala strong holds, and today the opening session of the state Assembly comes to a virtual standstill on the issue. Education Reform in Kerala is in the eye of another storm and this time it is the revised 7th Standard Social Studies textbook. The pastoral letter has threatened protests till the book is withdrawn and asked the believers not to teach or learn the book; KSU, Muslim League and the Congress have called for an immediate withdrawal of the book.

Even though several issues have been raised about the new textbook, to be precise, one page in the textbook is in the eye of the storm. This is how Page 24  reads….

Page 24 – Titled – Jeevan without Religion (Jeevan means Life in malayalam)

The lesson is set in a school room where two parents and their kid meet the Principal for school  admission. The Principal fills in the forms,

Principal: “What is your name?”
Principal: “Nice…father’s name?”
“Anwar Rasheed”
Principal: Mother’s name?”
“Lakshmi Devi”

The Principal  looks at the parents

Principal: “What should I fill in for the kid’s religion?”
Parents : “Keep it blank…or else add No Religion”

Principal: “Caste”
Parents : “not needed”

The Principal leans back on his chair and asks solemnly

Principal: “What if he wants a religion when he grows up?”
Parents : “If he wants a religion when he grows up, he can choose the one he likes then”

End of Lesson


Do I see a problem with this? I do, based on yesterday’s Pastoral letter read across churches and TV Channels…

  1. This revision in text books and deviation from the syllabus prescribed till now, in the name of improving the thought process of children is a handywork of Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP – Kerala Science and Literature Movement), the left leaning NGO in Kerala which has permeated every level of education in the state.
  2. This lesson creates animosity in the minds of children towards religion and propagates atheism, which in turn will result in a society devoid of values.
  3. The education department drops a hint through this lesson, that right from the Principal, every faculty should teach and propagate atheism in class.

This is not the first time the Left front government has tried to inculcate Communist ideology and Atheism in children, they have permeated every sphere of social and cultural activity through their shadow organisations like the KSSP and the Progressive Arts and Literature Society. The left front ought to be fought tooth and nail if religion is to survive in Gods Own Country. If the recent attacks by the left junta on Hindu God Men and Christian Charismatics be any indication – the Commies will have to be stopped in the streets if Ram and Allah and Jesus and their Mullahs and Mukris and Bishops are to have any future in the state.

As Youth Congress President Siddique pointed out on TV “…you dont have to create thought in children or let them think at this age, just teach them to read and write and the lessons…they’ll think for themselves”

Right On Siddique, we don’t need no education!

Then I remembered our last election in college, when the commies would say “use your brain” and Siddique’s party would say “use your heart”. In the final day of the campaign, before the commies swept the election, one of Siddique’s protégés got the message all wrong, he literally cried out through the microphone “Please! Please! Do not use your brain”

Are you listening Kerala? Please! Please! Throw that book away!

P.S: To sum it up – 7th Std Textbook – Good, Bad and the Holy Ghost