Like the leapord, the rest of the city was blanketed inside the heavy showers – sleeping. And I for one found out that Leopards are solitary animals except during mating season. Then again if you sleep for sixteen hours a day, you’ll mostly end up solitary, ha lonely.

Visiting Trivandrum Zoo after close to a decade, I gave one round of appaluse to the Kerala Government for the way they have transformed the zoo. The nameboards speak of a painstaking redesign of the facility over the past decade which seems to have paid off now. Almost every animal (birds, reptiles excluded) is now housed in large open enclosures. The overall design is very impressive and aesthetic, though I didn’t understand why two lion tailed monkeys need almost half an acre of space (that too at Trivandrum Zero).

While the monsoon made the place look a bit intimidating with the tall tall trees and the waters in the lakes, more intimidating was the wait for the animals to emerge and show their un-evolutionised faces to people with tickets. With the new design, the item public, me included, had to wait till the primitive and highly egoistic animals emerged from their caves and other hideouts to catch a glimpse. Overall the place looks just great, and to see it in the monsoon is surely a bonus. More snaps on the stream