now these guys have finally fixed the dates for World War III, its from 2006 – 2012. I am getting really scared.It seems antichrist will also be coming during this time and taking active part in the war games.

i know its really bad news to reveal at a time when Jesus is actually resurrecting in India and parts of the middle east,in Miami its after some three four hours.(btb Happy Easter to all).But i thought you guys shouldnt be caught by surprise like the street wars in Bangalore last week after Rajkumar died.this affair is far more serious,its World War.

for more details check out this link,

i am a bit confused on which country I will support if USA and India play in this World War III,if i support US it will be treason,if i want India to win i’ll get killed by indian soldiers invading miami.both ways i stand to lose.

i’ll mail these nostradamusonline folks or call their customer care, asking them to postpone the war by a few months so that i can be back home in India and take a clear stand,will update the blog as soon as i know.this World War III thing is really killing me.