In office space, it is finally clear that abrupt has not done his fourth class in school.he says he got a double promotion in third standard.visionary explained that there is nothing called double promotion but he clings on to his supernatural achievement. it seems his school had only nine rooms and had to accomodate ten classes as it was legally a High school,so they had to double promote one division a year.he cannot multiply or divide by four because he’s skipped the fourth class,gets hell confused when four options are given to him and violently refuses to take a four wheeler license.Many of them in the office want him to go back and complete his fourth class but i’m not quite sure it helps.

because i had this good friend,Friday who had a “suppli” (backlog paper) in UKG(upper kindergarten) and had to study in UKG for two years.the popular story in college was his montessori miss brought an apple to class for their oral exam.Friday goes to her desk when his turn comes and starts eyeing the apple,

“friday, name the fruit in my hand”
“no friday,look close”
“Friday,its an APPLE”

at this point Friday grabbed the apple and ate it.The miss was pissed off as she didnt have another apple for testing the other kids.She was so mightily pissed that Friday had to study in the same class the next year.

Eventhough he studied in the same class for two years,friday didnt seem to know many things that nursery kids know.That is why I feel abrupt need not go back to school.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ani says its ‘very cold yaar’ near her seat.someone explained that the AC duct was right above her head but she seems to believe its because of the fat lady in her cubicle.Because she is fat,cold does not go inside the fat lady,so Ani has to bear the fat lady’s share of cold too.She’s got ‘ fever yaar’ because of this.Her husband will be sending three Crocin tablets with the next person coming onshore from India as he did last week.Les miserables.