It doesn’t make sense to me either.

But the point is I continue to miss this space and the space it gives me. I missed reviewing Tarantino’s first movie I saw in a theater. I missed ranting for Tharoor and Santhanam. But as the structure decides how we behave, I am in a structure that is firstly in place to overwhelm the average Joe. I am not so sure if I’m overwhelmed, but at times I feel like the Schrodinger’s cat. I am sure I exist, but I am not so sure about the terms in which I think about reality.

And in the early hours of today, it suddenly occured to me that my layout didn’t represent me. But  it sure was a difficult choice. It was a choice between utility and aesthetic.

Atahualpa, my previous theme was very very good on the utility front. It was the easiest to maintain and the best to scale up. Though Nikhil (he gave me the weirdest reason that blogs should be curvy) and the girl who writes FO on this blog told me that my theme sucked big time, I was still hanging on to the utility front.And yesterday I decided that Atahualpa is good, but may be its not for me.

So, here’s Red Line, which I and the girl who writes FO on this blog love despite it’s cruel hand. It’s not one of those Hi-fi themes, so please make yourselves comfortable with what it has. It was an impulse choice. Its all yours.

I’ll be back.