Nita Sathyendran covers Ajay’s, Nikhil‘s, Anish’s blogs and my Talkies in the day’s Hindu 🙂

Thanks to Nita and the Hindu for that, and for its commendable stand on the Mullaperiyar issue, and thanks to day’s Hindu for ignoring this statement from a self-proclaimed SOB. (I already have one ongi at this dude after the smoking ban).  Mullaperiyar I believe should be the top-priority of all bloggers from Kerala.

You can read part of the facebook-email conversation I had with Nita below,

1. something basic first…why do u blog? what do u get out of it?

Here’s my post on this.. Why do I blog (Diaries link)

Blog for me is a very effective medium of asynchronous communication. Its good for me because I can say anything I want and unlike a direct conversation I dont have to necessarily listen to what the other person says. In conversations I find other people dumb and unimaginative, so I often prefer a one way conversation. You can say I should start a radio station then. But blogs are cost effective.

2.. unlike most blogs by most mallus u stuck to Kerala, specifically Tvm issues i.e. local content..why is that?y not something like say abt ur feelings on hugo chavez for want of a bettr example?

I try to get involved with the community I live in. But you can search Talkies, it will have everything from Bukowski to Chavez to Obama to Tharoor. But local content was important for me, because compared to many other cities I’ve been to – Trivandrum’s cultural scene is great and its not dumb like many other cities. Plus when there is a Mohanlal movie releasing and there is a credit crisis in Western Europe, I do show some editorial discretion.

3. what kind of response do u get? how do u weigh that in with follow ups that u may have? is it again local? or is it varied? whatkind of thrill do they get out of it?

I have gone on dates through my blog, its thats good. Some people do like me, others will. But there have been very rude responses as well, but I kinda like them. I often pickup fights and prove that I am not a statistic. Then I expect an amount of decorum in the blog when comments go above 20, its like its my blog and I dont ask for your credit card information – so be nice.

4. do u feel that ur blogs have made an impact…in at least making peoople aware?

To some extent, yes. Especially on the text book controversy and Tharoors election. But I would stop at awareness. I wish there were more fans who treat me like God, but that hasnt happened yet.

5. has it bot some change to tvm…or the way plp view tvm?

No. I dont try to sell Trivandrum. Seriously, the place is so good and I will live here forever. But I dont want to convert and bring people to Trivandrum. The Ulloor-Srikaryam road is already crowded.

P.S: Here’s to Maharashtra for ensuring the spectacular defeat of the Indian Right.

P.P.S: In other news, Vatican endorses Karl Marx