I found this poem today(via Deepak’s blog), and once again the urge to learn the malayalam keyboard and post in malayalam grows overwhelming. Like there are a few things which you can say only in Malayalam. Like see how a beautiful verse loses its vitality when I attempt to translate it,


Raghu says his name is Raghu.

Son of Thalamunda Variyath Unni and Thankam,
at school in Thalamunda,
they knew him as the kid from Variyath.

Later at the school in Kuttipuram,
they knew him as the Raghu who came from Edappal.

Later at the Engineering college in Trivandrum,
they knew him as a guy from Malappuram district.

Later at work in Bangalore,
they knew him as a colleague from Kerala.

Because he never went to North India, or outside India ,or outside the Earth,
Raghu was never known as a Madrasi, or Indian, or a man from planet Earth.

Raghu keeps searching what he really is.