has disappointed.

could a day be more pathetic than yesterday.Is this an epilogue to two posts down below and maybe for a few other trivial misgivings.

yesterday afternoon Brazil crashed out and the world cup has ended,its not that i follow the teams after the worldcup month,but its a long running superstition which is hyper-childish to explain.Its that england,Argentina and brazil are not in the fray and the semi-lineup except for poland feels like ’82 when this whole business of months and years started around me.Goleo and pille surely kept us alive for a month and the feeling is undoubtedly thankful.It was nice to watch the morning match from bed,the second one across coffee and the third one in La Grangje across a sumptuous mexican meal,all during work hours 🙂 though the tournament has come to a premature end,its been a great experience.

Superman still looks good ,the Superman movie is disappointing.Its a movie flawed in all respects,maybe except for the new superman.Though people who follow the man could find some important turns in the new movie ,like superman is now dad of a superboy n other stuff,its a very bad movie,highly un-watchable.(especially after a housefull board in IMAX,really bad american food ,a screening starting half an hour late and ending two and half hours later).

sope,on sunday I’ve stayed home and contemplated and watched Dustin hoffman and drank lots of water and read a bit of Clinton’s My life and plans to go swim if this unsure rain stops.And I’ve decided not to keep any expectations for July,nope not that I’m trying to rise above mine flippant fraility and mortal nature,this past months been a mess and most of its cause of these expectations – udhakapola !