“Do you know what the man is saying? Do you? This is dialectics.It’s very simple dialectics. One through nine, no maybes, no supposes, no fractions – you can’t travel in space, you can’t go out into space, you know, without, like, you know, with fractions – what are you going to land on, one quarter, three-eighths – what are you going to do when you go from here to Venus or something – that’s dialectic physics, OK? Dialectic logic is there’s only love and hate, you either love somebody or you hate them”

So….. either you are with me or without me,we’ll do everything together or you’ve got nothing to do with me. Is there a middle itinerary of somekind,a little algebra of flotsam and jetsam.Anywhere, i mean somewhere should be there right.Can we work this out,is it that cut and dry.It is,though I dont know why.This is so hard,it is very much the end of imagination beautiful freind,I dont seem to like it.Even I dont like it, it is a cruel world,its so binary,but I guess things happen this way.

Haven’t you taken this road before,I’ve done it,one hundred times.Each time I’d said to myself I have had enough of you,please move into some third person singular.And then you were at peace with the world,were you,was it so clinical.Never.I’ve waited hours,days,weeks in bus-stops,stations,those long corridors just to catch a glimpse,I’ve dialed those wrong calls,slept at the far end of dial tones expecting it to become some distinguishable sound,well it never did,but I guess things happen that way.

Maybe we are not two points defined in four dimension,maybe life is not all dialectics – as Hiranyan said, maybe the turbulence cant be captured,life may not condense itself into one single snap.But as always you tend to look at some Nat Geo picture and cry out loud – this IS life.Well it isnt.


“You’re saying caste based reservation is wrong and we need defeat it.”

“You see the whole episode and then you ask what colour sari Draupadi was wearing.Pay attention,read ibn-live,see how the docs are facing water cannons”

“Okei,ya…i’m sorry i was distracted with that Ekalavya thing”

“Ekalavya….see his colour…he used to carry my grandpa’s cow’s shit…now he wants to do embeeyae….can you imagine that”

“what happened to the cow”

“thats not the point idiot !…..you’ll always be a poor Indian graduate…..ever given some thought about being a rich Indian post graduate”


“once they reserve these seats for Eku….you wouldnt get an admission in another hundred years”

“Well….uh…even if they dont reserve these seats….i wont…”

“cmon get serious man,think about the society,its future…as a tax evading citizen…its your duty”

“Okei…i was just wondering…like you know thinking…..none of our top scientists,industrialists,IT tycoons,beurocrats,even film actors….none of them are from the lower castes…why is that…they dont have brains….some racial gap…do they have some developmental disorder….or did only the upper castes mutate into what they are”

“Oppose Reservation…Eku’s grandpa carried my household shit…Eku should drive my late night cab”

“Sorry yaar….you know rite…if its opposing anything I’m game,all the time….but isn’t there a middle path here…where its amicable…you know the actual figures and the general population supports reservations….they call it social justice”

“Oppose Reservation” – that was a roar,he grew into the size of a mountain,there were high intensity lob lights across his body,I could see a whole universe of spin being created,sustained and destroyed in him,he encompassed all the ten metropolises,he spinned everthing.I knelt before him and there he showed to me the vishwarupa of spin.Every word came out in forms of times of india,ndtv,ibn,hindustan times,myspace,orkut and yahoo.

I woke up with a purpose in life – Oppose reservation.And he grew back to his human self.

“Here I lift my bow and swear to fight till all kinds of reservation is wiped out,railway excluded.What shall I call you dear friend…charioteer?…as in the original”

“Just call me Big Brother ……kiddo”


Now, I was coming back from office and the drizzling was still on.There was this lesbian frog sitting by the lake contemplating on….who knows what frogs contemplate.The new me got very very angry.I told her,

“You amphibian animal,creature whatever…DECIDE…you wanna go into that lake or be on land…you cant do both…there is no middle path…either you are with us or you are against us…which means I’ll jump on you and crush your slimy self…So DECIDE…i’ll be back in the morning”