Woke up (rather slipped from the sofa) at eight thirty eastern…best time in the past seven months…checked mails….made coffee…ironed socks….and with swinging arms and a sunny face was off to work at nine thirty…oh i shaved too…what an opening to another lousy week.Three hours early to office than expected…the whole of weston rejoiced and sang carol songs on the prodigal son’s home coming ,new timing and mind change….the whole duck population started singing quack quack happy songs by the side of the lake…the only crow in miami tried to fly on her back,but fell down….sonic didnt notice it, but the lake split in the middle and withdrew to its banks and we walked through the lake bed…in between I turned around to see if a thirty foot snake was shading me from the sun….nope ! …well jewish area right…its the other story.

The mammoth stars n stripes by the lake spotted fifty one stars to commemorate the occassion.Inside office the leadership held on to their desks to avoid slipping and falling,a lot many of them on the west side fainted whispering ‘gloria gloria’.my desktop went up in blue smoke,so did most of my cubicle paraphernalia.only bolshevik,my cute yellow dog survived.

he said ‘it wont happen till end of the year mate’

‘how do you know ‘, I asked ‘you are just a dog dude, and dogs shouldnt speak too ‘

‘well i just over heard,thats the plan’ bolshoi said

‘oh this is crazy,every stupid sonofabitch knows what the plan is,i’m always the last to know’

‘if you call me that bad word again i wont tell you the whole story’,bolsh said

‘okey baba ,i’m sorry….so its confirmed?’

‘yes it is….you pissedcha ?’, he asked

OHYEAH….you betcha !

what an opening…you just made my year dude!