Its almost three years since I left my den facing the coconut jungle.Understandably the lady of the house who is possibly jobless at times,would have ranged through my cupboards and drawers,read through my old autograph books,commented on my grades in the second standard report card and would have tried in vain to make some sense of my super hero scrap book along with her two new friends – three year old sreekutty and five year old luttappi.

A few months back luttappi dug out a honey dew pack from underneath my entrance study material and boy,I was in bad bad trouble.I somehow managed to put the blame on some friend of mine with long hair and a black shirt – its easy on the phone.I dont have such a friend and I wont get anything for luttappi when I go back.

The new item that has surfaced this week is one of my ‘Christmas exam’ papers,thirteen years after the genius wrote it.Beauty is I was able to recollect what happened that day.It was one of those stupid english papers where you have to write an official or personal letter after the long essay.Personal letters take time so we used to attempt the official letter.The question was to write an official letter to the Suptd of the police department informing him about a missing person.

I chose my cousin whom I loathed at that time for comparing his marks with mine and
talking to my mother about that , as the person who has to go missing.

I got stuck in the middle of the letter where I had to give the skin colour of my cousin as part of the details.He was not black,not brown,something near white.Its not actually white because white is the colour of the exam paper.If I could add some red to white I’ll get his colour.I thunk and thunk but to no avail.Time was running short but just before the teacher collected the sheets it struck me.I wrote,my cousin is yellow in colour.

Things haven’t changed much,yesterday I spell-checked ‘believe’ and ‘continuous’ though I got them right and momentarily thought speak and talk are the same.

I managed a ‘fair’ grade inspite of the red marker-pen circle around my poor ‘yellow’.Its sometimes fun to have something very foolish in your cupboard and calling home is always fun.