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November 2012

Obama: 4 more years :)

By |2012-11-07T02:02:11-05:00November 7th, 2012|Announcement, Politics|

Immigration Reform. Wall Street Reform. Peace in Middle East. Global Climate change. Save Europe. Clean Tech. Legalize Gay marriage. Legalize Marijuana. Ban Donald Trump. 4 More years. Lot to accomplish :)

US Elections – 24 hours

By |2012-11-06T15:53:31-05:00November 5th, 2012|Politics|

Less than 24 hours to go. Watching Obama attend the last campaign stop in Iowa this hour. Bruce Springsteen on stage.Iowa is where it all started for Obama, and he is ending the last campaign of his political career in Iowa."they said this day would never come....."

US Elections: 4 more days

By |2012-11-04T00:13:00-05:00November 2nd, 2012|Politics|

It's the end game in American politics. What started 14 months ago with a straw poll in Iowa will end in under 100 hours, when America elects it's next president, and not many elections have come so close as this one. Over a year long primaries are done, debates are over, national grandstanding is done, and now its down to the ground game. The ground game will pit Mitt Romney's well funded, mammoth Republican machine, against one of the best political machines of all time - the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama.

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