August 2010

Apni aazaadi to bhaiya

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Boring isn't just the only problem but he clearly eluded the core issues of public distribution, price rise, and made a quarter-hearted plea to the naxals - which forget the naxals, cannot even bring my angry four year old cousin to table for talks.

Prithviraj :)

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Another one :) Guess Prithvi speaks a little more than needed. httpv://   This is too funny not to post. httpv:// More Videos.

June 2010

Mamta Mohandas’s Kadha Thudarunnu

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"Kadha thudarunnu.." may not have the extreme intensity of Thalappavu, or the cunning intelligence and social commentary embedded in Paleri Manickam, or may be the breadth of emotions of a Kerala Cafe, but Kadha thudarunnu in the inimitable Sathyan style portrays the best within us and underlines the timeless creed that we, human beings, are essentially good.

Paanashery nambi.

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This is a question thats been nagging the boys and yours truly for years. In a recent meetup in San Francisco, the standing (also sitting and sometimes lying down) committee on "Figuring out what the hell Mohanlal talks about in his movies" watched Mohanlal's Raavanaprabhu.

World Cup 2010

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LIVE WC 2010 Update from San Jose: Whilst our model points towards Brazil as being the strongest team to take part in the World Cup, our World Cup Wall Chart indicates that thanks to the actual fixtures determined by the schedule, we believe England will be the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

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