“…athu….Paanashery nambi

Maniyambra Purushothaman kolu vachu, contract avan pokkattilakki

Puroshathamun Arabiyum koode Ding Ding…pimp CHANDRADASAN”


This is a question thats been nagging the boys and yours truly for years. In a recent meetup in San Francisco, the standing (also sitting and sometimes lying down) committee on “Figuring out what the hell Mohanlal talks about in his movies” watched Mohanlal’s Raavanaprabhu (as per Ranjith, the 2nd installment of a story that burns like a petromax lantern in the Malayali psyche) about 3 times back to back to see if we can figure out the question first raised at the Chavadimukku internationale about 8 years back.

In the past 8 years, multiple efforts were made using the DVD and theatre version of the movie to understand these hidden gems and symbols in malayalam’s epic classic. I will not be able to cover all the hidden symbols in Raavanaprabhu in a post, because some of them are even more subtle than Monalisa showing the middle finger in Davinci’s classic painting. My primary attempt here is to figure out the Chandradasan question. It is quite significant in the sense that it occurs in the movie about 1 minute before the classic “Nateshaa….kollanda” dialoge which over the years has attained cult status, and has attained multiple unrelated meanings.

…Athu….Paanashery nambi

Maniyambra Purushothaman kolu vachu, contract avan pokkattilakki

Puroshathamun Arabiyum koode Ding Ding…pimp CHANDRADASAN

Everybody knows Maniyambra, pakshe Chandradasan? This our last attempt in finding out who Chandradasan really is.The boys suggested that we use the power of the internets and the new age social media to crowd source the answer to this 8 year long itch. You can closely watch the video here.


In case you are able to figure this one out, we’ll need your help in understanding who Balan Pillai is. It is the scene when Mohanlal arrives at Napolean’s house during Siddique’s engagement, gets out of his car, tilts his head to the left and says “Balan Pillai!!”, straightens his head and then says “ha…ividem onda”. Balan Pillai is another raging mystery from Raavanaprabhu. Any help will be highly appreciated by the boys and your’s truly.

In other news, today is a Friday. Vaikittentha paripadi 🙂

And there was too much drama at the World Cup. In further news Manisha Koirala got married,and Amrita Arora turned 29. Congrats! and Happy Birthday to you!

Off to watch Ravan. TGIF!

P.S: This has been an inside joke for long. Now someone’s put it on facebook. Desirability and number of hits 🙂