Last Airbender is clocking a tragic 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and 4.4 on IMDB. Arguably the most famous malayali in this side of the world has a catastrophe in hand. This graph based on Rotten Tomatoes ratings of his movies (courtsey NextRound)  is much indicative of the downfall of the highest paid screenwriter on the planet. While I do not completely agree to the ratings, and it is often that Shyamalan is evaluated based on Sixth Sense, and people take time to like his movies, I think making movies like Airbender would no doubt add fuel to the ever growing list of his naysayers. That said, I loved “The Happening”, there was a subtle plot in the movie which many a movie goer missed. Writers like Shyamalan are part of an important creed, that still believes in a strong plot and a subtle screenplay, something that is vanishing from hollywood.


P.S: i loved “Despicable Me“, Go Watch it!

P.P.S: Perhaps the most awaited movie of the year Nolan’s  “Inception” comes this Friday.