Long 6 hour upgrade to MySQL 5.0 and then to WordPress 3.0 (“Thelonius), the latest and fastest version of WordPress. Its 4 AM on the pacific sea-board. Behold ye all the lengths to which I go to keep you guys happy. I am sure you all appreciate that.

And till I figure my way around WordPress 3.0, and find a suitable theme, you might see weird things happening here. Or in other words everything is Beta, or they say in Christopher Nolan’s Inception “limbo” – between many worlds.

Not to blow my trumpet, but I went for the premiere day before yesterday night. Nolan, Christian Bale, and Steven Spielberg were there. No they weren’t. I hope the movie released in your respective cities. But seriously guys I think you should all come and stay in California. Today I saw the sun setting – for real, it happens like 3 miles from my office.

Nolan’s movie is truly cerebral, very challenging, though a little short of feelings. I loved it, you must also love it. And I believe everybody must love each other. Do you have any theme suggestions for the blog? Please don’t suggest your own themes, I’m sorry your themes suck.

If you haven’t watched Inception yet and is still wasting time reading this post – its the little girl who kills the old man. That’s the suspense. Burn! Theme suggestions anyone?

Thank God its still Friday night technically.