I have been offered this award before but did not accept it because the time I felt was not right. But today I’m going to be a mother-in-law all over again to a wonderful lovely girl who has great values , a great dignity and a lovely smile. I welcome you to the family, I love you. So I thought this would be the right time to accept this award.“, Jaya Bhaduri said after accepting the “LifeTime Achievement Award” from Filmfare.

After watching the Bachchan family drama on Filmfare stage, I was not in a position to actively think on what was Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan’s life time achievement for hindi cinema. I agree that Bollywood, considering its vast resources has achieved very less and all Jaya Bhaduris sitting with a ‘Devil‘ can grab any award in our tinsel town. Watch this video at your own risk.

As far as I see it, this couple, standing there on stage for around ten minutes going on and on about how their son married , how their daughter got pregnant and why that is a lifetime achievement, with the whole of Hindi film industry sitting there and listening is a spectacle – that is exactly what makes the hindi films suck – inertia to get out of that bullshit pit. Every speech on the filmfare stage has to pay homage to the Bachchans or the Chopras or the Roshans. Everyone is addressed as uncle or aunty. Every movie is so full of bullshit. And Hrithik is the best actor for Dhoom2.

Can we get over it guys ? Your family values. Are we still not fed up of this family drama and Koffee couches. Is there a single award night in recent memory where the family hasn’t tortured us. Isn’t it time Bollywood borrows some professionalism from hollywood or outsource this bollywood farce to good film makers in Bengal, Chennai or Kerala. Bachchan once said Academy awards are not for us, our art is different. Yes sir ! your art is different and so full of bullshit, which is shoveled down the average movie goer’s esophagus like “Eklavya

Let us not live under the impression that these folks are the best we have, they are not. There have been genuine movies like this and this, which came out of the same bollywood. These families are the cancer of the hindi film industry and they make a mockery of cinema, perhaps the most important medium of our times – and thats a crime. There are a lot people who stand accused, but the main culprit could be six feet three with a baritone voice.

P.S : If you still haven’t watched Black Friday, as Taran Adarsh put it, do yourselves a favour – go watch it.

P.P.S : Now that ‘Lifetime’ has been presented to Jaya and Rekha, how about checking out names like Nihalani and Benegal before giving it to Aishwarya.