Forbes leaks India’s best kept secret in its 100 most powerful women list (whatever that means). 


C’mon Forbes, there is a way of saying things. We know. But you could show some editorial discretion. You cannot report that the Indian Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi, nearly drove the country to another General Election on some stupid Nuke deal. That was another guy. He has a beard and a turban, Sonia Gandhi does not have both. Keep this in mind.

P.S: There is a rumour that Sayed Mankada, director of “Kichamani MBA” is actually Mohanlal. Reasoning being, if you release some total shit next to a rotten tomato, people would obviously go watch “Ali Bhai”. My friend from school booked tickets for 12 of us. Since then we have ended our friendship. Another friend took his wife to watch “Kichamani”, they are filing for divorce next week.

P.P.S: They’ve found Water on Mars

Thank God its Friday!