YOUTUBE Link Mammooty slaps fan

Fine. Agreed. Mammooty slapped his fan. But whats your point?

It so happens that Mammooty is one of the finest actors in India and legend has it that he gets so enmeshed in a character that even weeks after the shooting he carries the attributes of the character around.

Mammooty fans should understand this, its just that he carries around Nari’s Raucous, Ravaging persona from “Roudram” who slaps anyone around. He’ll be back to normal in a few weeks. Till around four weeks after the release of T.V.Chandran’s “Pondhanmada” if a Mammooty fan slapped Mammooty, he would show his other cheek and then go sit in an aracanut tree.

Do you know what happened after Kuttetan and Mrigaya? I wonder 🙂

It’s not that if you are Mammooty fan, you get slapped around regularly. The fans who get slapped are just a subset of Mammooty fans association. But if you are a Mammooty fan there is a very good chance that you get slapped by the actor.

There was a comment from an angry Mohanlal fan two days back accusing me of being a Mammooty fan, being an Oduvil Unnikrishnan fan I did not deem it necessary to clarify. But in lieu of this recent development, Talkies editorial categorically denies any link to Mammooty or his fans. We don’t talk to them or lend them money. We liked “Vadakkan Veeragadha”, please don’t slap us for that.