Ha Papa Bear has spoken. What a long wait it was oh Emperor of the Hindu hearts, papa we missed you so.

Thackeray who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, made an emotional appeal to the Marathis saying there was a conspiracy to separate Mumbai from Maharashtra and it would not be “tolerated”.

“The city will burn if it is taken away from Maharashtra,” Thackeray said.

“Let them even try to separate Mumbai from Maharashtra and we will give them a fitting reply. One hundred and five martyrs, mostly mill workers, had sacrificed their lives for the cause of Maharashtra with Mumbai and we will not let it go to waste,” he added.

Source : CNN-IBN

Asking Hindus to break linguistic barriers and unite, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray said his dream was to feel a “Hindustan of Hindus” that would bring “Islam in this country down to its knees”.

Addressing a massive rally at Shiv Sena stronghold Shivaji Park, Thackeray said “it is my dream that we would create a Hindustan of the Hindus. Maharashtrians or Punjabis alone cannot fight against Islam. That is why, I appeal to all Hindus to break the linguistic wall around them and come together so that we can bring Islam in this country down to its knees.”

Source : Indian Express

So Papa Bear, lets get to burning this Mumbai thingy down shoulder to shoulder with all those surviving mill workers *who the stingy-pig eating- Afzal loving- Sickle carrying commies allege you had sold out again and again to mill owners while you were the trade union Sarkar* . Lets drive all those Biharis, Gujjus, Madrasis and coconut selling Malayalis out of Brihanmumbai. Shall we use electoral rolls this time like Modi uncle did ?
Let me tell you that is not as comprehensive as the marwadis think, why cant this godforsaken non-marathis circumcise ? Neways, lets drive them out, one by one.

After that Papa Bear, we’ll fight the Muslims. We’ll throw them into Arabian sea, let them drown or swim to Mecca, Dubai or Madina. Christians we’ll ship them back to Italy, along with Maino. HOLD ON !!!! Did you say break the linguistic wall and fight Islam ? What about the first plan then ? Here I’m confused Papa Bear, I wouldn’t dare say you are aging. But I’m confused – its like the whole plan is lost in translation.

P.S : Don’t worry Papa Bear, all opinion polls say we’ll win Brihanmumbai. These morons will vote for us. If they don’t we’ll burn Mumbai.Either ways,next week they’ll again squat near the Gateway and go gua gua gua about the spirit of Bombay.These morons.