Thank God it is Friday!

I was so happy that I talked to a credit card marketing chick for full five minutes

I was so happy that I celebrated a happy birthday this week

Mammooty was so happy, he didn’t slap a single fan this week

He was so happy, my Project Manager smiled at me. And hell I’d no clue how to react to that one.

George Bush was so happy, he blew up a satellite. Last night was complete Lunar Eclispe in the western sea-board, I thought George Bush blew up the moon.

Can you imagine that, US of A blew up a sattelite 247 kilometers above the earth using a missile fired from a Naval Vessel (yeah a Ship). Now if India fights with the Yankees in school, they could just go home and blow up everything our workhorse PSLV has put in space. No satellites, no internet, no TV, no stock trading. They’ll just switch off our TVs, our wireless applications. The telecast will be over. Now don’t come up with the altitude funda for communication satellites or undersea cables, this is not a time for facts – learn from the Americans, let truth not stand in the way of one good Star War.

The Chinese too have this capability, if we don’t give Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh) to them, they’ll do stars wars with us. But then I’m not afraid of the Chinese. None of the stuff they make work properly. My friend bought a chinese Nokia N95 for Rs 5000, he got a bargain but uses his landline nowadays . Now we call him Mr. Moon-Chi-Poyi.

I hope Mr Chidambaram gives enough budget allocation for Star Wars defense. See let the poor people wait, atleast they are better off than dead people and yeah people without satellite uplinking.

Fidel Castro was so happy, he gave in to American imperialism, accepted defeat and finally stepped down.


Like Craig Ferguson said, “Fidel is being replaced by a younger, sexier Castro: his younger brother Raul. Is this even possible? Can you imagine a country run by one family for years and years and years? That could never happen here . . .

Can you imagine that happening in a democratic country,






You may have seen various photo file extensions like GIF, JPEG, PNG. The last photo’s extension is WTF. 

Thank God it is Friday!