The post is not about Kannur.

The mainstream media which trashes blogs for their “opinionated posts lacking editorial control and thoroughgoing research” continues to surprise me with their half baked truths, thorough lies and embedded ideologies. The difference here is, they are paid to do what they are doing (with access to information) and many of them Bloody Marys are doing a very bad job at that. This time it is John Mary’s article in Outlook magazine on the Kannur situation. When such a senior journalist (who wears a cloak of political neutrality) trashes out such an article, it could be that…

a. He is the guy who doesn’t do his job – don’t think so?

b. He is lazy – thats me

c. umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – whats this?

d. He sold out – you mean he wants to cheat people?

Now who is concerned about Kannur?

The incidents in Kannur have assumed a place in the national media centre stage after the attack on the CPM HQ in Delhi and similar attempts on party offices across India. Kannur was debated in the Lok Sabha and stalled the house proceedings. In a weeks time, the now controversial US report on Human Rights made a mention of Kannur. So when John Mary writes his article in Outlook, there will be readers who are as curious about Kannur as they were about Nandigram. And John Mary’s article is indeed an old art form, scattering facts, dates and third party opinions.


What is the genesis of this hatred? It dates back to 1958 when the Ganesh Beedi factory shifted to Mangalore in neighbouring Karnataka due to labour problems, and many lost their jobs. The RSS stepped in and helped many secure alternate jobs, winning over several Communists to its side. Things turned bloody in 1968 when RSS swayamsevak Vadikkal Ramakrishnan was killed, triggering off the cycle of red-saffron war.

Factually wrong or rather a contended fact. Vadikkal Ramakrishnan’s name which is mentioned in the article should go in conjunction with Kunhiraman who died from the other side. The beedi factory issue should go in conjunction with Thalassery communal riots instigated by the RSS. Problem here is Thalassery riots which is the origin of the “legends of martyrs” in Kannur doesn’t even find a mention.

Both are equally brutal but violence escalates when CPI(M) is in power

of the 166 people murdered in Kannur in the past decades, CPIM has a comfortable majority. Very similar to their majority in the assembly. What does that say..let me think…

It might not have won a single seat in an assembly or Lok Sabha election in the state, but the BJP has been able to improve on its voteshare over the years, especially in the local council polls. Quite often, at the macro-level, in the assembly or Parliament elections, its net share of the vote eats into that of other candidates. The logic could be either to reduce the Congress in Parliament or checkmate the CPI(M) in the assembly.

BJP’s numbers in the state has been dwindling in the past five elections. Did John Mary write the article before that? BJP’s strategy has been largely successful in preventing Congress forming a government at the centre and the CPM in the state. Kudos!

BJP’s vote share was 0.5% in the Kannur disctrict. Thats a lot on a macro-level!

Added to that is the fact that the membership of RSS and the number of “shakas” in the state had a free fall in the past five years. A fact that even the RSS acknowledges, but John Mary refuses to.

According to the RSS, the Marxists suffered-and still suffer from-a fear psychosis because many of its cadres have crossed over to the rss. The CPI(M) leaders, upon seeing erosions in its camp, accuse the RSS of accomplishing this by violence.

There is only one Hindu fundamentalist force in Kerala and that is the CPM. Outsiders may not know, but a senior journalist should. Yes, the CPM membership has declined according to the RSS. Also according to the RSS, we had aircrafts in India in the later Vedic age. I didn’t see any “According to the CPM” btw. Not that I want to.

Kannur’s legacy of fighting the might of the British, then the Emergency and the pervasive traditional martial arts culture equip homegrown rss activists to position themselves as protectors of the middle class against CPI(M) cadres.

RSS fighting the British in Kannur, RSS cadres fighting the emergency and a direct lineage of the chekavar Samurais. RSS protecting the middle class. Is this a movie script or something? spoof?

John Mary’s witnesses

Ha the best part, John Mary quotes two very interesting people,

“Comments Congress leader K Sudhakaran” – Now who is K Sudhakaran? Atleast Keralites would remember the erstwhile leader of the anti-CPM mob violence in the state. Accused in the attempted murder of CPM leader P Jayarajan (who still carries a bullet). Very neutral point of view indeed. Why not ask Fidel Castro on who’s a jerk – Chavez or Bush?

Historian M.G.S. Narayanan says the principal blame rests with the CPI(M) since it’s the dominant party in Kannur and now heads the ruling Left coalition. – Now, now, who’s history is it anyway? Kerala’s most reknowned saffron historian is indeed a nice catch!

Lopsided, nauseating piece in an otherwise great “Outlook”! John Mary’s previous articles gives you an idea of where he belongs, where his love lies. Why don’t he join CNN IBN?

And still if he hates the CPIM so bad, there are several valid issues to raise,

1. The dastardly acts of the Kochi administration in Muringur
2. The human rights abuses in the name of fighting Naxalism
3. The state budget of contradictions
Then the fourth estate cannot be advised on what to write. What drives John Marys?

Our mainstream media need not go far and around in search for “corrupt” politicians to expose their hypocrisy. They just need to sit around and read what their ilk write.

But then, no mainstream journalist will dissect this because…

a. He is the guy who doesn’t do his job – don’t think so?

b. He is lazy – thats me

c. umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – again! whats this?

d. He sold out – you mean he wants to cheat people?

P.S: Whats happening in Kannur is something that every Malayali hates. It has grown beyond political forces over the decades and become legends, myths and a thirst for blood which puts the malayali masculine to shame. The post is not about Kannur, a solution for which may not emerge any time soon. Its just sad.