Mohanlal has a super Hit, finally. After a strange procession of blockbuster flops,”Innathe Chintavishayam” might just save the year for the actor. But sadly this has very little to do with Mohanlal. “Udayananu Tharam” atleast had Mohanlal’s understated performance which didn’t jutt out, but if anything is out of place in “Innathe Chintavishayam” – it is Mohanlal. That doesn’t ruin the movie by the way. A good movie provided you dont come out and say its a cliched subject or there is nothing new in offer. Its summer guys, have fun!


Story: Sathyan Anthikad has a mediocre family entertainer which revolves around four families and Mohanlal. As Mohanlal’s character says, what is special about human beings is there relationships (which are priceless, for everything else there is Antony Perumbavoor) and seems God has sent him here to intervene when relationships sour. Each of the four families have one example of women being stepped on – an unfaithful husband (Mukesh)in one, a possesive husband (Vijayaraghavan),a muslim husband who wouldn’t let his wife have a career and a family who wouldn’t let their daughter go to college. Relevant issues that they are, and hence the title “Innathe Chintavishayam”. Now Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine and Innocent set out to bring these broken families together (by hook, crook, love, sentiments etc). Thats pretty much the story. There is no suspense.


1. Convincing performances: No remarkable characters but seasoned humour from actors like Sukanya, Innocent and Mukesh makes the movie lively. Finally Meera Jasmine has some respite from her “Damsel in Distress” props, and is a relief to watch. (except for her costumes! yeah costumes)

2. Entertainer: Its a “word of the mouth” movie and a clear family entertainer. Even while you see through it, the movie doesn’t bore you except for one song (where Mohanlal tries to play a ten year old).

1. Mohanlal: Our man should do a High school teacher now. In the first half you wonder where Lal is, and in the second half he teaches us loving, appreciating bio-diversity, mending broken relationships etc without leaving the frame. The same tired dialogue delivery from the actor who won the best actor award again last week. It is not that Lal is a bad actor, but it is time Lal defines where he belongs. In this movie, rest all are characters and Mohanlal tries to play God.

2. Lack of refinement: Subtlety goes to the dogs in the script. Item public may like it, but things which should be explained in the narrative through scenes are instead packaged in on the face moral dialogues. Like say “family is very important” – hell we all know that, now go show it in the movie. The movie deals with relevant issues but imagine “Sandesham” with a super star as an add on who comes in every two minutes and gives a moral (or two if you are lucky). and Mohanlal should stop playing this High school know-all teacher.


Verdict: Watchable movie with some placed humour (like “Randu panna chaya” :)).Very predictable like all Anthikad films, but Mohanlal’s and Sathyan’s initial pull plus the story line will most probably give a Hit this time. Neither a remarkable movie nor one that deserves an apology – strict middle path formula movie. Sathyan plays it safe and Mohanlal’s Ashirwad films will make some dough this time.