After Bombay Scottish School, Bombay Dyeing, BSE and Bombay Times (TOI) were vandalised, terrorised, and uglified (rhymes) in the past few days, the below poster was stuck on all Talkies correspondent’s lodges yesterday night.



Talkies editorial syndicate met at our super secret location and unanimously agreed (1-0) to take the cue. The 10 AM press release has announced drastic changes to the Blogroll.

1. Bombay Addict and Bombay Dosti will be renamed as Mumbai Addict and Mumbai Dosti. They have 24 hours to decide on alternative names. A friendly suggestion is to get hold of good Hindu names from Maneka Gandhi’s book. You cannot change it to “Bomb”, thats reserved for the big fat lady of Malayalam Aunty Cinema in case she starts a blog.

2. All others in the Blogroll are requested to ensure that the root meanings of their blogger ids are fully in sync with the rich Indian Hindu cultural heritage and also the rich regional heritage of their respective states, districts and Zilla Panchayats.

3. Cruel Virgin is exempted. She is a US citizen. But in case she travels to Bombay Mumbai, she’ll have to forfeit the ‘Cruel’ literal. ‘Cruel’ is intellectual property of Shiv Sena. (see picture above for confirmation). In that case my friend will be just virgin.

The editorial syndicate made clear that we have always loved Papa Bear. Papa Bear continues to be the Emperor of the Hindu Hearts despite a split in the family.

The syndicate also laughed 2 full hours non-stop at the Corporate Houses trying to resist Papa’s great Hindu Maratha revolution. That these atrocities antics by the Sena are a blot on “Brand India” is sheer propaganda and moreover superstition. “Brand India” is also superstition. “India” is also superstition.

Talking about superstitions, the King of good times’ (lets not discuss cricket) morning flight from Bangalore to Kochi which the syndicate took today morning had no number 13 row. It was 11,12,14,15. America West airlines used to do the same trick to avoid the Devil’s dozen – they eventually quit. “Brand India” will have to do more than remove a Seat 13 to avoid the Devil’s Dozen, if Mumbai is any indicator.

P.S: The full editorial Board will meet tomorrow morning to continue laughing at the Indian corporates and the now 8% Hindu Growth Rate.