Since DASAVATHARAM review was posted here, I’ve been moderating comments every other hour (hyperbole!hyperbole!) which calls BVN an “Asshole”. Some way or the other google lands some KS Ravikumars here. I didn’t review the other asshole’s movie six months back because he has these rabid fans, but didn’t expect the same for Kamal. Though most of the comments called BVN an AH, some of them called other people who commented AH. Three of them demanded that BVN spend 100 crores on a movie and then speak.

An excerpt (comment was moderated, I have saved 7 of them in text pads)

no sensible movie lovers will require an idiots rating like you and BVN. Infact BVN is an asshole not fit to write any review and have to grow to understand about movies in the first case, I still wonder which big asshole gave BVN the job of writing a review. The amazing thing about this posting is that atleast its becoming the only vent point for all the useless idiots which against the movie to get to gether. Please go and continue to watch movies of danush and the likes’ movies

Throughout last week, the Talkies editorial board is having “Insider Fun” at the cost of some of these commentators. Like one guy kept calling BVN an asshole in different names and mail ids throughout the day. The fourth generation IP recognition widget inbuilt into Talkies told us that all are from the same IP. There is no proof that it is the same person, it could be same network, relatives, siamese twins etc.

But the Talkies editorial team which is inherently evil decided to have “Insider Fun” on this guy called MASK from UAE.

And posted a comment in his name, saying exactly the opposite. We’ve been laughing about it for 2 days now, thought I would share that with you.

Usually these trolls go away, but my MASK friend kept coming back. His new names were  “The Real MASK” (which meant that he read the previous comment we posted and thought *hey! I didnt post this, this must be some other MASK. Ok now let me post and make it clear that I am the real MASK*) and “MASK Returns“(after a few hours).

You can mail him at tomorrow@neverdies.com , terminator@tomorrowneverdies.com , tony.blair@yahoo.com

I hope MASK is not his real name, if yes, then Sorry MASK, really sorry.

Thank God its Friday!

P.S: Over the weekend, I’m enabling moderation. Have a good one!

P.P.S: And lo, the movie’s got so many hidden messages to be decoded, as per this comment

All I have to say is, well….. as Michael Corleone put it,

Because it insults my intelligence — and makes me very angry…

Now who approached you? Tattaglia or Barzini?

CARLO (after hesitating): It was Barzini