Story of a 12 year girl, sexually assaulted from the time she was in Class VI, in the day’s TOI. (sorry about that, I usually don’t read it).

It was in August 2008 that Daval first raped the girl, who was studying in class VI at that time, at home after threatening her at knifepoint. The ordeal had just begun – Daval would rape her whenever his parents were not there. Later, in the same month, Daval and his friend, Raju Sharma, took her to a lodge in Kurla where they raped her. It was that day that both also made an MMS clip of their perversion.

See I am not sure if such a sad story needs so much of detail. Should we readers feel outraged after reading this or is the reporter trying to provide us the same turn on he felt when he heard about this. Could be perversion on my side but the soft porn angle in the reporting of these stories on a daily basis is undeniable, and is pervasive in Indian mainstream media. Don’t forget the TV9 episode.

No point in blaming the media alone, they work based on web statistics and TRP analysis, and may be such a story has more clicks than the story of Kanu Sanyal. Otherwise why would I click on this story ignoring the ‘Telengana lull’ right next to it. May be some of us should be outraged, may be the girl was plain unlucky, may be some of us managed a subtle turn on,  may be parents should take better care of their young children,

or may be

the fault,

dear brutus

is not in the stars

but in ourselves.