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It doesn’t make sense to me either. But the point is I continue to miss this space and the space it gives me. I missed reviewing Tarantino’s first movie I saw in a theater. I missed ranting for Tharoor and Santhanam. But as the structure decides how we behave, I am in a structure that […]

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3 Years, 300 Posts, Summer Rain

The long and arduous wait got over ten minutes back when the first rains of summer gracefully descended on the Queen of the Arabian Sea. A colleague of mine expressed our collective fear in the evening when he said that the summer rain seemed to be betraying us like the economy. Sitting in the balcony, […]

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Messing up the day’s Hindu, scrambling to find a news item which could possibly rewrite the development history of the state, Mr Prasad and me were surprised and thoroughly disappointed. There wasn’t even a mention of the Vizhinjam tender clinched by the LANCO group yesterday. Ten minutes later when Malayala Manorama deliberately kept the news […]

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Devil’s dozen

After Bombay Scottish School, Bombay Dyeing, BSE and Bombay Times (TOI) were vandalised, terrorised, and uglified (rhymes) in the past few days, the below poster was stuck on all Talkies correspondent’s lodges yesterday night.   Talkies editorial syndicate met at our super secret location and unanimously agreed (1-0) to take the cue. The 10 AM press […]

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Blogbharti is 1 year old

B L O G B H A R T I  is 1 Y E A R old 🙂 Linking back to Blogbharti, Much as we like the creme-de-la-creme of the blogroom, we also know that there is much more fun going on in the backbenches. Discovering a good new blog is like discovering that book-shop […]

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small fish in the small lake

small funda my little abode here in sub-urban miami stands on a small lake.on the other side is a small park and in the lake there are small fishes,ducks and small tortoises.i squat on the steps with a lights cigarrete and a chilled mocha looking at the lake surface with no plausible consequence. once in […]

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the lord of small fundas

about the name. there are a few characters you might come across in future posts,one is an abrupt gentleman then a visionary ,a pragmatic pahadi, an ardent commie,a crazy lady,a confused lady and a few more. pahadi,the mountain man,a direct descendant of yati himself ,calls me lord as my first name is shared by the […]

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