August 2007

National Highway II

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"...a bit player in someone Else's nightmare"- Stephen King, InsomniaCityscape and slums, dangerous traffic and trafficking, the national highway cuts into the narrow city streets. Every highway is a tributary [...]

Chora veena mannil…

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Anil Pachoooran's poem from Arabikatha. Anil is the lyricist and the singer. Couldn't resist posting since I've been searching for some time :) (Thanks Whoever for the malayalam version) ചോര [...]

July 2007

Tete a Tete

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Truman Capote's potrait by Henri Cartier Bresson    Pic courtesy : © Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos “To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. [...]

National Highway I

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"The road was a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moor." - Alfred NoyesThe road was a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moor. Voices said, we all live in [...]

A little sky, a little more light

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Ever heard this story? does it reverberate with some ancient, forgotten song; like this rain outside.Like a wafting streak of a lullaby, forgotten rain. A damp piece of soil somewhere, [...]

June 2007

May 2007

Metro – life in a

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Bangalore baby ! She’s all the same. The city pesters you with the dust and heat through the day and at night the cool wind gods descend. The 'cafe day' [...]

Doggy Ishtyle !

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Dogs can retain smells in their nasal memory cavity for three dog years which is approximately one human year, after which the dog will stop recognizing the smell. Now if [...]

April 2007

March 2007

Why do I blog ?

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Warning: If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have [...]