July 2010

Nelliyattuveetil Shyamalan

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hat said, I loved "The Happening", there was a subtle plot in the movie which many a movie goer missed. Writers like Shyamalan are part of an important creed, that still believes in a strong plot and a subtle screenplay, something that is vanishing from hollywood.

June 2010

Mamta Mohandas’s Kadha Thudarunnu

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"Kadha thudarunnu.." may not have the extreme intensity of Thalappavu, or the cunning intelligence and social commentary embedded in Paleri Manickam, or may be the breadth of emotions of a Kerala Cafe, but Kadha thudarunnu in the inimitable Sathyan style portrays the best within us and underlines the timeless creed that we, human beings, are essentially good.

Paanashery nambi.

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This is a question thats been nagging the boys and yours truly for years. In a recent meetup in San Francisco, the standing (also sitting and sometimes lying down) committee on "Figuring out what the hell Mohanlal talks about in his movies" watched Mohanlal's Raavanaprabhu.

December 2009

Of all the things…

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So to say the least I left the city with a good taste in my mouth and a lot of hope about this nth renaissance in Malayalam movie. And a real renaissance it is I feel, when I hear about Kerala Cafe, Neelathamara, and Paleri Manickam.(though with a little regret about missing all the action).

October 2009

May 2009

April 2009

Anurag Kashyap’s Gulal

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Is the best hindi movie I have ever seen. A Masterpiece. Review coming up, but in the meanwhile do yourselves a favour - GO WATCH IT! Because very soon the [...]

March 2009

Mohanlal’s Sagar Alias Jacky: Review

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The movie spits on your intelligence while setting the record for the most number of villains killed by a single hero. Mohanlal kills around 14,565 villains with two guns. The villains also have guns, but as the Southern Travancore swear word goes - they are born to blow jobs, so they don't shoot with aim. The script is somewhat as believable as this shooting spree.

Mohanlal’s Red Chillies – Review

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Shaji Kailas’s-Mohanlal starrer “Red Chillies” completes Mohanlal’s transition from the Asset side to the Liability side of Malayalam cinema. A movie that could have been a perfect curtain raiser for [...]

February 2009

Oscars 2009: Slumdog Millionaire

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Except for a few moments when Latika makes her choices, there is no ambiguous terrain that the characters face nor are the characters complex. "Slumdog Millionaire" is a movie of stunted characters with no space, no time and no questions around them whatsoever. Imagine that in comparison to the build up in last year's winner 'NCFOM' or even blockbuster winners like 'Gladiator' where a space of silence and brooding lurks around the characters. "Slumdog Millionaire" fails miserably and I guess it failed the moment it was scripted.